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4TH & 5TH AUGUST 2017




Little Terry is an ex punk band guitarist, garage band lead vocalist and ska band guitarist/vocalist who had had enough of being in bands and decided to go solo with his electro-acoustic geetar . Tez writes songs about politics, war, love, peace, supermarkets, drunken women, the environment, corrupt politicians, stealing drinks, animal cruelty, Bullying, jealousy, science fiction and everything else in-between, he gets angry, soppy, melancholic, wishful, doubtful, happy, silly and bashful in equal measures he primarily uses Folk Country and Punk, occasionally laced with a dash of Reggae, Ska, pop and rock n roll when the mood so takes him. He is a bit of a lefty and proud of it, he is also as they say ‘no spring chicken


Little Terry is a regular gigging musician .


Tez keeps the songs simple and catchy there are no fiddly intricate finger picking styles here neither are there any wine glass shattering F# descending x-factor vocal athletics on parade either, he hates that sort of thing plus he can’t do them anyway.


Tez’s songs are about life, simple as.


and here's my soundcloud link

Little Terry

Tez's folky punky choons