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4TH & 5TH AUGUST 2017


We are dedicating this years Mapfest to the memory of Colin Joy from Doncaster Tourism, although Mapfest was not his conception he supported it wholeheartedly and helped promote it, attended all meetings and enjoyed the festival every year, he was respected and loved by everybody involved in Mapfest and this is our way of saying thank you to a true gentlemen who was passionate about Doncaster.


Colin Joy 1964 - 2016

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We are incredibly sad to announce that Doncaster Tourism Manager, Colin Joy has passed away suddenly in June at the age of 52.


Colin came to Doncaster in July 2009 to work as Tourism Manager for Doncaster within the Doncaster Council Business and Tourism team after a long career working internationally for Visit Britain.


In the 7 years working for Doncaster Tourism he has become a well known figure in the town and made a significant contribution to helping raise Doncaster’s profile as a visitor destination.


In his time as Tourism Manager he has overseen an annual increase in visitor numbers to the town by over 15% annually. Colin's greatest achievements have included revamping the St Leger Festival week of events each September along with the Racecourse, writing and producing the award winning Doncaster Visitor Guide and guiding Doncaster Tourist Information Centre to win a White Rose Award at the Yorkshire Tourism Awards in 2013.


He also created a Doncaster Rail week which takes place in February and brings visitors from across the UK to explore Doncaster’s rich rail heritage.


Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones has paid her own tribute to Colin: ‘ I am shocked and saddened to hear of Colin’s death. He was a very popular figure head for Doncaster Tourism and a great ambassador for the town. Colin was passionate about Doncaster and worked hard to encourage tourism, including his fantastic work on the St Leger Festival.


His knowledge of the history and heritage of the town, despite not being a Doncastrian was enormous and he did such a great deal to raise the profile of Doncaster as a tourism destination. He will be sadly missed. We have lost a dear friend and valued colleague and our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this very sad time.


Colin’s manager Chris Dungworth has also said: ‘Colin was a unique character who brought so much to Doncaster. His enormous passion and knowledge for Tourism was infectious and he embraced everything about Doncaster particularly our heritage.


He did so much to tell the story of Doncaster, working with all our visitor attractions and certainly contributed to the growth in our visitor numbers. People across the town certainly knew Colin. He was a well liked and respected person who always made himself available to talk to businesses and residents alike and impart his knowledge and wisdom of Doncaster’s proud history.’

colin joy